Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does the camp cost?

    For 2017 the camp will cost $400. A $150 deposit (non-refundable) is due when you register. $250 is due the day of the camp.

  2. We do not live in the Rehobth Beach area. Can our son or daughter find accomodations with another family?

    I have been able to find accomodations for out of town residents with local camper families in the past, but I can not guarantee it. Obviously, I will try to set you up with a family before I accept the deposit. E-mail me through the contact button.

  3. My child has never played guitar before. Can they sign up as a guitarist to learn during the camp?

    All campers should have a rudimentary familiarity with their instrument, whatever it happens to be (see home page). They don't have to be prodigies or even average. If they sign up as an instrumentalist and can't play at all, they will not have a positive experience. Drummers will be given a chance to play the drum set even if their only experience is playing snare in the school band. Make sure that your childs instrument is in decent working order before the camp starts. Vocalists are welcome. We are flexible and there is no audition. If you are not sure, contact me before you sign up via the contact button on our home page.

  4. I read (or heard) about your camp in the media. You must get a lot of applications, so how do you decide who to take?

    I notify the previous years campers first to give them first opprotunity to sign up. Then I open registration to every one on the mailing list. It is first come first serve. Anyone who applies after the camp limit is reached will have their deposit returned to them.